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Shy Or Afraid (Updated 2/4/18)

Everyone gathered with drinks in hand, “Hush everyone, the presentation is about to start”. 12 people, 6 men and 6 women quietly settled into their seats as the host Carrie queued for Elise to go ahead and begin the festivities. Elise began, “ Well good evening everyone, so happy to see that you couples are interested in trying some new things! Feel free to stop me after I’ve explained each item and if you have any questions or comments that will be the time. So first we have anal beads…”. The night continued like this for two hours. Carrie who loved to host social events had found out about having a passion party from a coworker and just had to be the first one in her circle to give it a try. So far so good, the light drinks had everyone’s mind pretty much open and taking in the knowledge. “Alright that’s the last one. Before I take up orders I want to make sure I answered all questions. You two in the back, did you all have any questions? I don’t think I heard from you guys all night.” The heads in the room turned to the back, Tony and his fiancé Gabrielle had been put on the spot. Tony started to speak and was cut off by his woman, “Oh no ma’am. We kind of came to support not really here for the rest of the ‘stuff’.” Elise nodded her head but her tone didn’t sound of much agreement, “Oh you must already have all of our pieces on display from tonight. Would you two like to see our catalog for some other pieces that weren’t present?” Gabrielle hesitated, “Umm not tonight but thank you. You all finish asking your questions, I have to excuse myself anyway,” she got up and scurried to the restroom not looking into the face of anyone. Gabrielle took her time and when she returned all the couples were in line asking questions and placing orders. Tony was talking to Carrie in the kitchen; she walked over and gave a yawn, “Well bestie thank you for inviting us but you know I have to work in the morning.” “You have to go already? Elise just opened up you don’t wanna talk to her before you guys leave,” Carrie was already giving them a nudge towards Elise. Elise had a warm smile and seemed so inviting but Gabrielle really didn’t want to talk to her. “Well you too must have quite the goodie box if none of these things appealed to you,” Elise said jokingly. “We’re not really into that type of thing to be honest, not to be rude or anything,” Gabrielle’s voice wasn’t as playful as Elise’s though. Tony knew how this subject was for Gabby so he interjected, “We have our own preferences is all, Gabby isn’t too fond of all of the extra and I respect that.” His eyes looked like a sad puppy as the words came out of his mouth. “May I ask why not? Are you uncomfortable, shy or maybe just a tad afraid?” Elise was a very bold but still not quite rude young woman. Gabby stared blankly really asking herself did this woman just ask her that. Tony grabbed his fiancé’s hand and gave Elise a head nod, “We really don’t have time for a discussion we have to work in the am goodnight ma’am and nice meeting you.” Tony was already walking towards the door when Elise tapped Gabrielle and handed her a card, “Here’s a club that I go to. When you’re no longer scared to have some fun you two should drop by.” And with that she started speaking to the next eager couple beside her. Gabrielle was stunned and pissed and slightly embarrassed. She rode home in silence embarrassed to tell Tony that the woman had called her scared. Of course Tony wanted to have sex that night, he was more excited than usual and was attempting to put his woman in some crazy positions when Gabby asked could they try them another night. They both finished and went to sleep. In the morning Tony woke his woman up between her legs. When she realized what he was doing she shied away, “Tony oh my goodness why didn’t you warn me or wake me up,” she was giggling a little but still had her serious tone in her voice, “Good morning Mr. Nasty”. Tony watched her roll out of bed and head to the shower, “Gabby. You said we could try something different another day. It’s another day.” He walked into the bathroom to confront her. “Baby you know I’m turned on by you already, what’s wrong with how things already are?” she kissed him on the cheek after brushing her teeth. Tony began to speak and shook his head and walked away. They finished their morning in silence before going to work.

New Segment- 2/4/18

Heading to work Tony was thinking to himself. Now I know damn well she loves me. I really don’t know how long I can bare having this boring ass sex life. Her looks and personality used to be enough but now that we’re getting married I’m ready to do things to her I would never do to anyone else. Why won’t she ease up? Maybe I care more than her. Fuck man. When he got to the office Cheree his assistant was looking good as usual, she flirted with him on the normal and he gave her the stale face on the normal as well. This woman looked like nothing but sex. Usually this would piss him off but lately sex was starting to sound pretty damn good, he refused to cheat on his woman though. Yes he wanted a certain type of sex but not from anyone, he wanted it from Gabby. Throughout the day since it was pretty slow he pondered up different ways to really explain to Gabby how he was feeling, the difficult part was trying not to give her an ultimatum. Tony wasn’t into forcing her to do anything she didn’t want to do and she never said things made her uncomfortable. He honestly felt that she was either lazy or scared; seeing that she was in shape he always prayed it was the latter of the two.

When Tony got home he heard Gabby in the shower, he let himself into the restroom. “Baby I’m home,” he was half letting her know and half warning her that he was in the restroom with her. She hated him walking in unannounced. “I’m almost done hun one second,” Gabby yelled from the shower. “No take your time. I wanna talk to you about something cool?” “Go ahead Tony I’m listening”. Tony took a pause making sure not to offend his woman but to clearly explain how he felt, “ Ok I know we’re getting married soon and I know you’re the woman I want to spend my life with, for more reasons than one. I know that I have been nothing but a gentleman to you and have respected your sexual wishes even when you claimed we would try and spice things up over and over again. Now I know I’m a man but I have a lot of self control and my eyes and body only want you. I’m telling you this because things that don’t even attract me are becoming more appealing and I just hate that shit. I need to know is there any reason that you don’t want to actually get intimate with me? Why won’t you let me get passionate and let out my fantasies with you? I’ve tried being patient and I’ve waited my entire life to do certain things with only the most special woman in my life and that’s you. Marriage is not all about sex but it is an important part of it. I am telling you this out of love and as your man, I want more Gabrielle.” There was a long pause and then the shower cut off. Gabby reached for her towel, covered herself and then pulled back the shower curtain. She looked at Tony. His head rest in his hands. She still gathered her thoughts. “I’m not as imaginative as you Tony. I don’t know that much about sex. I don’t want to look stupid and I am very close-minded. I’m not scared, I just really don’t even know what I like. I love you so much and that took balls to tell me what you just did. I’m sorry. I don’t want to make you look at other women,” she barely got the words out she was crying. The thought of him being with anyone else fucked her up. He got up and he went to her, he hugged her in her wet towel. He hated to see her cry, “Baby I never touched anyone, I only want you. I had to be honest please don’t cry. I don’t want anyone else.” He took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead. He kissed it over and over again. He kissed her cheek then the other, her nose and all the places on her face. He wasn’t trying to hurt her feelings. “Stop apologizing, you’re supposed to be honest with me,” Gabby wiped her face and gave him a smile so he knew she understood. “I really don’t know how to fix it Tony. I don’t, but I will try. I’m not up for everything in your wacky head but I’m sure I could like some things,” she gave him a smirk. He melted for her, he grabbed her face again but this time just kissing her lips. He bit her bottom lip and played with her tongue. She kissed him back. She wanted him to know she would try. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her towel started to fall. She went to tie it back around herself but Tony stopped her. He held her hands instead. “Let it fall,” he said, “Your body is beautiful.” She felt her chocolate cheeks heat up. He kept kissing her making her forget about her towel falling. He lifted her out of the tub and guided her against the wall. All he wanted right now was to kiss her. They communicated with their lips for minutes without coming up for air. When they stopped he realized her nipples were on hard. He looked her square in the face and began to play with them. She looked sort of embarrassed but she didn’t stop him. His eyes didn’t leave hers. He used his free hand and slid it down to her sex. Her clit was swelling from the attention. “Go to the sink Gabby,” his voice was soft and his dick was hard. “But I have to,” she trailed off when he moved her to the sink himself. He bent he over at the waist and continued playing with her pussy lips with his finger. “Now are you sure you can try for me?” Tony was looking at her in the mirror watching her faces change every time he brushed against her clit. “Yes, I’m sure,” Gabby decided it was now or never. She gave in to his fantasy. He unbuckled his pants and started rubbing his dick against her ass. Her face was concentrated on his in the mirror, she saw the excited look in his eyes but she also saw a very sexy side coming out of him. She twisted her hips from side to side. Tony’s eyes widened surprised she was playing along. He put his dick against her lower lips, he watched her anticipate him entering her but he didn’t. He just let it rest there sliding it up and down. She was getting wet, she started baking up towards him, he could tell she wanted it. He slid the tip in she let out a gasp and he pulled it back out. He did it again. And again. He did it until he heard a small whimper escape her lips. He looked at her in the mirror, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip, her knees were touching. He slid the tip in again and this time she threw her ass back on it, Tony lost it. He dug into her, he held her waist and watched her face change in the mirror. She kept biting her lip. “Don’t hold it in Gabby, talk to me. I like it,” he knew she was fighting words. Her moans got deeper but she said nothing. He wanted her to talk for him; he lifted her at the waist and dug into her. He went faster and faster continuing to lift her up. He a wall and she yelled, “YES”. “Oh that’s what it takes,” he teased her. He went harder fighting past his nut he wanted her to say more. He pulled out and pressed into her again. He did it over and over her hands were clawing the sink and she was throwing her ass against him now. He loved that shit. “Fuckk,” he pulled out and turned her around and lifted her onto the sink. He put her legs behind his neck and used his hand to hold her neck. He pressed himself inside of her and pushed upward, her hands grabbed his arms and she went crazy, “yes Tony yes, yessssssss” her eyes began to roll and the juices rolled out of her, “Don’t stop, don’t stop”. He wasn’t dare trying to stop when he finally got her to start talking he held both of her ankles with one and deep stroked her continuously hitting that spot. Her reactions were ridiculous he knew he couldn’t hold himself for much longer. Tony used those last moments wisely, He went inside her deep and then sped up he released her ankles and pressed his thumb against her clit. Gabrielle’s back arched and her pussy talked. He didn’t stop he played with her clit and fucked her. He thrust her hard as her hands began to spazz, “I feel like I’m going to pee, stop. Stop,” she was trying to move but he had a grip on her. “No, its ok” he said he new what she was going to do and he wanted her to feel it. He didn’t stop he kept going, kept going until she screamed and there was liquid shooting from her. Her eyes were rolling and she was speaking belligerently. He knew she had just squirted and she was dying to catch her breath. He picked her up off the sink and walked her to the room. Her legs were shaking ridiculously. “No, I have to shower I can’t believe I just freaking pee’d on you Tony. Oh my goodness,” she was mortified. He let out a laugh, “you didn’t pee you squirted baby, and it was sexy.” He put her down and she still walked back to the shower. “It’s nasty all that…water and stuff!” she was clearly shaken up. He followed her back to the bathroom, “alright then tell me this Gabby. Did it feel good?” when she turned to face him he was smirking all too sexy at her because he knew the answer. “Yes. It felt amazing but that was nasty and embarrassing.” He looked at her, “ You don’t get it. There is no reason to be embarrassed about pleasure with me. I’m going to be your husband soon,” with that he ended the conversation.

(Tune In Next WEEK to read the next chapter, It will be posted right HERE)


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