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Why You Should Encourage Your Partner to Masturbate!

The other day I did a poll and found that about 30% of my followers felt that it’s no reason for their partner to masturbate everyday, as a relentless masturbat(er) myself I found this so disturbing.

Of course everyone has their own opinions and that I am totally cool with I just want to make sure I do my part and paint a better picture than the awkward one where your partner is just in there watching porn every 5 minutes and making their sex parts go raw.

Some feel that masturbating is something that you do more of when you DON’T have a sexual partner but that just isn’t always the truth. When you get in a relationship you sometimes find yourself ready to have more sex because you have an open line to it, but with the energy, effort and those little things called responsibilities that isn’t always feasible. But oh don’t worry the stresses of the world won’t wait for you to get it on with your partner they’re just going to keep coming! This is the part where you take 5 minutes to masturbate, release those positive endorphins and not feel like the world is on your shoulders.

Also when men are trying to last longer they will use masturbation to rub one out first because sis you know when he slide in he may become a minute man and he doesn’t want that! And bro she’s trying to figure out what she likes so she can tell you exactly what to do!

Masturbating is also a big part of a great self love routine, what better way to address body images than to fuck yourself? To see how beautiful you react to stimulation and then on top of that be able to walk around with your head held high knowing you just brought yourself that super amazing feeling. Many women also struggle with not knowing if they even had an orgasm or have ever had one, masturbating helps put those thoughts to rest as well as help you catch them more often. The more that you orgasm the easier it is for your body to get back to that spot.

Now some realizations are that every woman doesn’t have vaginal Orgasms and that’s ok, everyone also doesn’t have an innie belly button either and the world still goes on. You aren’t required to do everything that’s out there. My point is being able to masturbate opens the door for you to teach your partner how to masturbate on you. Let’s face it ain’t no loving better than self loving so if someone else can self love on you and still bring you to climax then ummm YASSSSSS! For those who just feel so bad about masturbating you don’t have to sneak and do it, do it together! Team on three! Masturbating is one of the most intimate things that someone can do or do to you, let’s explore what it has to offer and tell me it doesn’t expand your sexuality.

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