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Empowering Women through the Yoni

Interviewer: Samia

Interviewee: @treasuregemz Follow her on IG and use code GEMZ for 15% off of her website!

Why did we interview her? She empowers women to connect with their Yoni.

SE: What got you into vaginal health? Have you always done this?

TreasureGemz: Well I am a woman and naturally I have always been curious about my body as far back as I can remember. I believe all Women should know your own anatomy and the way it works, what’s normal and what’s not and most importantly how to keep it healthy. The statistics for women and disease is outrageous. The only way to lower these numbers are to take care of ourselves, and that includes vaginal health.

I haven’t always been so direct with feminine health specifically but I have always been in the healthcare field. I began to direct my attention to vaginal health, rejuvenation restoration & spirituality through the Yoni in early 2015. Becoming an advocate for Yoni eggs was more so a calling that fell into my lap by way of Holistic Healing through the vagina.

SE: How have Yoni eggs transformed you & your sex life?

TreasureGemz: Yoni Eggs have transformed me in so many ways that only people in my life Currently would even notice. Yoni Eggs aid in releasing you from negative environments, addictions, bad situations, relationships, occupations & more. I use to live a hot night life for years & as I was getting older I needed to detach myself from it and become the woman & mother I needed to be. These stones I believe directly helped me do just that and they also opened my mind to be aligned with so much more. The womb is the center of the woman’s being. A gift given by God, the portal to create life on earth, this sacred place is known to the Sanskrit people as the Yoni, which is also where the word “Yoni” originated from. The women in today’s society are not taught that we should love, protect and grow from within. Women endure so much negativity, abuse, and traumas from past relationships that we never really heal from, like having to recover from an abortion or miscarriage. This happens because women are natural nurturing beings that harbor their pain and hurt to provide love, care & compassion to the rest of the universe.

  • These stones naturally rejuvenate your vaginal walls while practicing your kegels. Just a squeeze and release motion with these vaginal weights can increase elasticity and sensitivity for an enhanced orgasmic experience both you and your partner will enjoy. For most women it’s a little harder to have an orgasms so I’m all for the added sensitivity to get me where I need to be during intimacy.

SE: What areas do you see mended the most by women using Yoni eggs?

TreasureGemz: I have only heard positive things from my consumers, as far as new customers coming to me asking questions prior to buying I can say a frequent question is sizing issues, or do the stones come drilled. If the stones are drilled I believe women tend to lose their strings and may get frustrated trying to find an exact replica which is not needed at all, any string will do. The string holds no value it’s just to assist in easy removal. Women have to be open to the idea of consistent training before complaining I would think.

SE: Do you believe in masturbation? If so how does it help you connect with yourself?

TreasureGemz: I most definitely believe in masturbation. It’s a needed act of self-care. Everyone does it at least 3 times a week if they are physically capable of doing so. If they don’t masturbate and have no physical limitations or religious I recommend that they do! Not only is masturbation the safest sex, it allows you to learn things about your body. What feels good what tickles even what hurts. I couldn’t imagine not being able to identify what feels good or not until It randomly happened. Self-connection is the healthiest relationship to have with yourself. Knowing yourself could be the best thing you have ever done if you let it. Everyone should live their life comfortably but knowing that when you walk in a store or restaurant and see A person beside them that most likely then masturbated last night and not feel weird about it.

SE: Since using Yoni eggs what has been the biggest difference you see in yourself?

TreasureGemz: Since I began using Yoni eggs I see in myself I’m more calm & focused. I have a lot more patience with the things that threw me through the roof. I go to sleep at night I wake up early every morning and im not tired. My energy is always the first thing I think about when something is bothering me. How can I fix it and what made it happen. I cook more often which attributes to healthy eating & healthy eating creates and healthy lifestyle. I have also become more business oriented and dedicated to spreading my truth. I’m so into what I do that I can tell people my name my journey and the recovery. I’m continuing to grow spiritually and emotionally and its a great feeling.

SE: Do you feel that intimacy, chemistry and sex are different? Please share your thoughts.

TreasureGemz: I believe they are all different to different types of people. We are living in the works and world of the millennials & with that comes constant changes in the way things rotate. The world is always evolving but, I personally am old school and believe that they are all different but also very much the same.

•Intimacy is something that is only created with love between two people male or female.

•Chemistry is the sparks that fly around you and that person when you are together when you participate in activities together or talk on the phone.

•Sex can be for anything like bags, shoes ,money, fun ect. or even the negatives like assault or rape which of course is very real and not a joke.

Being old school also I believe that in a relationship that intimacy , chemistry and sex are the 3 things needed to keep the relationship exciting & whole. You need the intimate conversation the chemistry when we meet and the sex needs to be crazy especially if you in love with person.

SE: Do you practice meditation? And how has it helped you balance your life?

TreasureGemz: Meditation is something I recently added to my life. Something I wish I would have started years ago. Although I’m sure everyone has mabe took a moment of silence but sculpt meditation requires your mind to be isolated within yourself. I love to meditate when it’s raining, the sounds are so relaxing and I love the way rain smells hitting the pavement. If there is no rain I like to play rain sounds off of the internet as it creates the same energies I need. Meditation has helped me grow essentially, I’ve become aligned within myself & by opening my mind and releasing the negative energies harboring inside of me I am able to receive the messages from the universe that heal me internally. I am now more calm and balanced. My energy is so much better and I feel my energy affecting the people closest to me.

SE: What are your tips to women who struggle with owning their sexuality?

TreasureGemz: Women who struggle with their own sexuality I feel need to let go. Just realize that they are not alone. Just about all women are the same way, the smaller ration is actually the outspoken doctors , nurses , educators and advocates that stand more alone in spreading this message of self care, vaginal health care, pelvic floor strength , masturbation and the benefits and the list goes on. I encourage every woman to just educate yourself. There is so much knowledge & answers that we need to know about ourselves and our health & body as a whole but we are not privileged to these answers just because we don’t know the questions to ask.

Holistic Healing is very real and has been around for centuries, as has modern medicine. For total well being we need to be aligned as a whole mind, body, spirit, emotionally even intimately. My advice mainly is to get aligned ladies.

SE: Have you always felt in control and powerful with your sexuality or did you teach yourself?

TreasureGemz: I have personally struggled in the past with my sexuality, which a lot of women have because they are still learning and discovering who they are and where they want to be in life. Sometimes you become confused in life or your mind becomes clouted with the negativity and bad energies of the universe. You have to block them and keep your focus on the main goals that you are about to achieve. Over all my sexuality has never been a problem for me personally during my adult life. I have always known exactly who I am and what I am capable of although I may have been distracted temporarily. However I’m a mother first, I am a proud Black woman & business owner and I will always have total control on my growth, lifestyle and sexuality.

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