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Masturbation & Orgasms Pt. II

So this is segment II of Masturbation and Orgasms and we highly suggest reading part 1 if you haven’t yet to really bring this concept full circle. Last time we discussed shame and masturbation, we partially touched on masturbating being able to bring on different types of orgasms and that we should bring toys in the sheets! So let’s pick up where we left off.

So as we were, masturbation is very good for the vagina, because it’s a muscle and muscles have muscle memory! The more you orgasm the easier it will be later to reach again. Some people, men and women feel that it’s embarrassing to masturbate and on some levels I definitely agree. When you picture someone busting open the door and laughing or someone acting like you didn’t just say

'hey I’m going to take some alone time' and they don’t close the door behind them or keep walking in how in the hell are you supposed to relax and really rub one out?!

Communication. You don’t have to tap your partner on the shoulder and say hey I’m about to go jerk off until my wrist goes numb.

You can just discuss that you all should both have alone time and you would greatly appreciate just having however much time that you may need to do whatever. This could be a good time to do your kegels, masturbate or anything that you may not want someone to actually walk in on or do in the living room with the TV watching. Now men want women to have a tighter pussy so that means they have to give you time to use your yoni egg!

So to truly understand what’s going when you masturbate I suggest looking at the types of orgasms so you can identify which ones you have experienced and you can check off that list as well as say to your partner I want you to make my body do this!

Types of Orgasms

Clitoral- The clitoris has over 8,000 nerves it peeps out from the very top of the vulva and is covered by the ‘hood’ and extends down inside the labia. The best way to stimulate this area is by gently rubbing with the fingers, tongue or toy. Move the toy or fingers back and forth and in a circular motion. You can keep the vibrator in one place and still achieve orgasm but trust me.. you wanna move back ad forth. After feeling the stimulation or climb this is a good time to start adding pressure.

Vaginal- This type of orgasm is not always the easiest for women to reach but feels amazing. The elusive G spot is the one that we should thank. We thank it by applying pressure regularly! This can be done with the dick, toy or fingers. With CLEAN fingers or toy or whatever you want to insert and use the finger to motion ‘come here’ over and over until you feel the build up. This can also cause female ejaculation.

Combination – Combo of vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Freaking YUMMMM. This sometimes takes a lot of effort and that’s ok with experimenting and finding out the best way you and your partner have the best sync may help the most with this one. He may want to perfect the vaginal orgasm with you and then maybe practice using a vibrator and then combining the two to match your rhythm. No worries its fun exploring because you may fuck around and uncover the most amazing orgasm of your life without even trying. The combo also goes well with the infamous ‘Jack Rabbit’ which you can find in our store.

Anal- Now if you don’t have an open mind then just skip this part. I don’t have time to debate with anyone about what’s gay or nasty or whatever, I’m here to give the facts.

An anal orgasm is usually achieved by men due to the prostate. I’m not telling anyone to go try and fuck their man in the ass because I am almost certain you might get punched in the face. Then Boop no orgasm for anyone. But after communication if a man wants to experience an orgasm from the massaging of said area then it’s definitely not gay. If a heterosexual man who has no control over where his bodily organs are placed wants a woman to massage it then I think that’s just sex with a woman and a man who understands his sexuality.

For the women a finger in the ass, and anal beads, as well as anal training kits are the way to go. Sex and then an insert of a finger feels good. Try it.

Please use lube of some sort. Butts don’t get juicy like vaginas naturally.

Erogenous Zones- Touching and experimenting to find those spots that are connected to strong areas of pleasure, this is where these orgasms erupt from. Nipple stimulation can cause orgasms alone in women that have the sensations there! For some it could be the ear or feet or whatever but this takes time, patience and experimenting. Find what works for you with no shame.

Bonus- Coregasm, ladies have you ever worked out and find that your underwear were creamed and you felt really awesome? Yea. Workout lol it won’t fail you.

Now that we have discussed the types of orgasms you should be begging your partner to masturbate because they will give you the guide on what works for them and ultimately you can help them to achieve every type of orgasm on this list.

Masturbating Go to’s

So a problem that some people have usually women is that they’re not sure how to masturbate. Or they need to spice it up. Yes we need to spice up sex with ourselves lol. Well after getting your first vibrator which usually is a cheap one we experiment and that’s fine, then we invest in a better vibrator that can get us there quicker and stronger. But if you want to get more out of your sessions with yourself I highly suggest combing it with something else.

Such as?

Ben wa balls or a Yoni egg.  Yes I want you to insert either both ben wa balls inside before masturbating or the Yoni egg. Then masturbate as usual. If you need instructions on using either please check out a previous post called ‘The Yoni & All Her Glory”.

Why? It feels amazing. It’s your vagina contracting around an object which ultimately makes the orgasm much stronger. The really amazing thing is it doesn’t take weeks of practice it will be stronger the very first time that you achieve this. Now imagine that being a rock hard dick inside instead.. having that strong of an orgasm. It would be amazing.

Masturbating isn’t just a way of being greedy it’s a way for learning, exploring and making sure we appreciate this body and use the functions that we were given. If you and your partner want variety in vibes, and with orgasms masturbating together and separately is a great way to start.

Lastly, in couples it is very common for the two to have different sexual appetites. Masturbating can help bridge that gap. Also being sleepy or lazy but needing a release it may be better to rub that out yourself than to get comfortable giving lazy tired effortless sex to your partner.

I challenge you to incorporate your partner in your masturbation time, men you can ask your girl to masturbate in front of you and that’s what you could masturbate to, or women you can teach him how to do your masturbating for you. Maybe have a drink first if you’re wondering how to build up the courage to do this. But don’t be ashamed of your body and what it’s capable of. That’s not what it was created for.

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