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Royal Fetish Films Interview

Interviewer: Samia

Interviewees: King Noire & JetSetting Jasmine

Why did we interview them? They star in & own their own Adult Film Company.

SE: Please explain to our readers what you all do to help them get an idea of why you’re such an amazing couple to interview!

Jasmine is a licensed clinical therapist with a strong emphasis on Intimacy Post Injury and Intimacy Post Illness. King Noire, co owner of Royal Fetish Films and Jet Setting Jasmine LLC has combined his love of the arts, film and sex education to produce erotica that stimulates and engages the audience to push their sexual boundaries. King and Jasmine share over 20 years of experience as Adult Entertainers, Educators and Master Fetish Trainers.

*The duo are award winning adult film stars and have dedicated their craft to creating a more inclusive and ethnically sound adult entertainment industry.

SE: How did you all meet? How long have you been together?

We met on The Emotion Picture Radio Show. Jasmine was one of the host and was interviewing King on the behind the scenes of the adult industry. We have been working together for about six years.

SE: How did you all decide that you would like to start offering your Adult Movies to the public?

We wanted to share a positive representation of people of color in the adult industry. We were both frustrated with the images and stereotypes that were being portrayed and we wanted to offer something that we would want to see.

SE: Were you all into the lifestyle before you all met?

King was fully engaged in the lifestyle. I was very curious and had been exploring on the surface prior to meeting King.

SE: Do you all view yourselves as different from other couples outside of the bedroom or do your lives mirror the majority of other couples?

We range from typical to ridiculously kinky! There are some nights that we enjoy having typical missionary romantic sex in our bedroom and other nights that we like to go out and perform a show for others and or watch one another perform with other partners.

SE: How do you all remain secure with your relationship even though you all may become intimate with others?

We communicate our needs and feelings to one another through all of our encounters with others. We have set boundaries and expectations for our relationship so that we can stay safe physically and emotionally. We also make it clear to any other partners that we have one another as primary partners, so this avoids any confusion with their expectations. We also work in the sex industry, so sometimes it is just work! We enjoy our work and the people we work with but that is not something that tests our security.

SE: What tips can you give other couples on trust as well as those exploring the idea of adding someone else to their bedroom?

Communicate about it before even attempting to solicit someone else in your relationship. It is very important to have a talk about what each other would like to experience. We have learned that what you think you may be interested in can be totally different when in the situation. So we also encourage partners to try voyeurism first. Go to a lifestyle party or sex club and just see how one another responds to being in a sexual atmosphere with one another.

6. How did you all get involved in the lifestyle?

King identifies as polyamorous. He’s always felt that he was wired to be able to have multiple relationships and love for more than one person. He has accepted that of his partners also. I identify as a swinger, through my sex exploration, I was able to experience the excitement of sharing my partner, being a voyeur, exhibitionist and being able to talk about it openly with my primary partner very much a turn on. I really liked the experience and couldn’t imagine going back to a strictly monogamous relationship.

We both agree that trust and honest relationships in an open relationship is amplified, allows each partner to have their individual needs met without feeling threatened; that is something we both find incredibly important and sexy.

SE: Why do you believe that Adult film/porn is a healthy part of sexual relationships?

It a personal preference and we don’t judge people that do not watch adult films to be unhealthy. However we know that it allows people an opportunity to witness certain fantasies that may not be realistic in their current lifestyle.

SE: Do you all masturbate? Together? Separate?

Yes to all three!

SE: Even though some couples have no problem being intimate do you suggest they still masturbate? Why or why not?

Yes! Self-pleasure is incredibly important. The more you explore you own body the more you are able to communicate new needs to your partner.

SE: Please explain the most amazing sexual experience that you all have had together so far.

We performed a live sex show at Hedonism in Jamaica. There were over thirty people there, directing, filming and cheering us on! It was exhilarating and actually when we conceived!

SE: Now that you all are expecting your first love child (congratulations!!!)

What do you plan to instill in them about sex?

We coparent my two older daughters and this is our first child together. We plan to instill the same sex positive messages that we believe in with our other children. We encourage self-care, self love and for them to prepared emotionally before engaging in sex. We strongly encourage body positivity and judgment free love. Our children are respectful and accepting of alternative lifestyles and we continue to have age appropriate dialogue about sex positivity.

SE: Some couples could never imagine their partner being intimate with someone else. Would you explain how seeing your partner with someone else can be arousing so he or she can attempt to place themselves in your shoes for a moment? Also why you don’t feel jealous or scared to lose each other.

Everyone is different, just because this is what turns us on does not mean its what has to turn someone else on. I think that’s important to state, some people are monogamous and others are polyamorous. For me I enjoy watching Jasmine enjoy herself and to be pleased. I watch her when it’s just us, I watch her with toys, when we have threesomes or group sex and I enjoy watching her with others when I'm a voyeur. She is sexy to me so watching her try new things, experiences and lovers is being able to watch her in a new way and see how her body responds to different touch and stimulations. Jealousy is a natural human emotion; it's all about realizing why it presents itself in our mind, most of the time its insecurity. Humans are not possessions and when one starts to move past that then jealousy plays less and less of a role in your life.

SE: Please explain how being in this profession has brought you all closer?

We work together on just about every aspect of our business and personal lives so we have to anticipate and tend to one another’s needs in both arenas. Cannot have a day where we don't speak because we had an argument, there is work that needs to be done; it makes you tighten up, move forward and learn to compromise. All of that along with the amount of time we spend together adds up to us just being that much closer and appreciating all the moving parts that make our relationship and the movement go.

SE: Outside of working together what is the most intimate thing that you all share or do?

We raise our family together. It does not get more intimate than that!

SE: A lot of couples struggle with keeping the sexual attraction going with their spouse. How do you all maintain such a high sexual attraction for each other after all of this time?

We are always finding new things that are attractive about one another. Sometimes the most non-sexual thing is what brings out the attraction.

We are constantly trying new things and sharing our fantasies (even the ones we don't try) with one another.

You can visit JetSetting Jasmine & King Noire at the following locations! (Websites will take you to their webpage)

IG: @Royalfetishfilms



iTunes Podcast: #RoyalFetishRadio

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