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Fixing Wack Sex in 3..2..1 (For both men & women)

So you’ve read why your sex is wack but most likely you probably didn’t even know! Sex has become this action that people do just to feel release but the truth is if you’re doing it just for that then don’t drag anyone else down with you! Just masturbate and save your partner the slow death of faking it. Sex should be a way of communicating, some of you talking bullshit though, so we constructed our tips which some of you all may have heard on our podcast!


  • You’re wondering how to communicate that you’re not satisfied with the sex you’re having well first off it doesn’t’ have to be done rudely. We suggest talking about sex before you have it to at least start things off on the right foot. If you think sex is bad because dude licked the inside of your entire ear discussing your likes and dislikes before taking off your clothes could avoid a pool of spit in your eardrum.  Sit down with some wine and just talk about sex, you can do this in your own way most people do it by sexting. It may seem like sexting is wrong but discussing sex between two consensual adults beforehand could help minimize disappointments as well as it’s nice foreplay.

  • Vagina is expired? If your Vagina doesn’t smell the best its best to assess why? If it’s just a matter of you not being conscious and doing a smell check before plopping on someone’s face then you can easily fix that by understanding how long between showers that you have before you are no longer sex appealing. Now if immediately after a shower you still smell embarrassed then it’s probably your pH and you should possibly look into drinking more water, and finding a pH balancer. We offer Gina Yoni oil in our store. Just because you buy it doesn’t mean you smell like trash but it does help keep pH balanced so you can have more confidence throughout the day and not have a panic attack if you forgot to do a smell check before random/spontaneous sex. I mean when the mood strikes unexpectedly people don’t really say, “PAUSE let me go smell check before we start our romp in the sack!” if you do good for you but naw it doesn’t work that way

  • Sooo you’re a starfish? It’s ok theres always room for improvement. The first tip we have is effort. Put some effort into learning more about positions, put more effort into wanting to be intimate with this person. Get your stamina up!!! If you don’t know how to ride or hold your own during sex then you may not realize how much energy it takes to do it. You will need stamina. If you don’t workout in some form or fashion then I highly suggest it. I will leave some local Tallahassee places great for getting up your stamina below. Google some positions and also be honest. If know you can’t do shit but lay there then don’t be talking big smack about how you gone work somebody beforehand. Be honest and COMMUNICATE that you honestly don’t know how and possibly even ask them to show you how! The best thing about having someone teach you is they teach you the exact things that make them go crazy! Super advantage!

  • If you’re not doing kegels on the dick then most likely after a few strokes your body will open up and there won’t be anything gripping him. Your vagina is a muscle, doing kegels is great but if you aren’t using anything weighted then you aren’t getting better you’re just staying the same, I guess not getting worse is okay but we are aiming for progression! Grab a yoni egg or some Ben Wa Balls and start giving your coochie a workout! Use those muscles to FINISH HIM!!!

  • Ma’am initiating sex is a HUGE problem. It’s not only sometimes perceived as lazy but it’s inconsiderate especially if you all have been together for a while. You want him to make you feel sexy, loved and be all over you every time? That’s pretty cocky of you to think you don’t ever have to make him feel the same. That’s half the reason your bedroom may have cobwebs because he’s tired of begging for sex. Yes I understand a man speaking up in the beginning of the relationship to get you but now that you all are together the work needs to be shared. Remember initiating sex can be done in your own way you don’t have to part your pussy lips in front of his face and say take me, you can be subtle and get your point across. Some suggestions are, kissing him a little longer than normal and more tongue, make it more like making out. Texting about it, sending nudes (Yes I encourage sending nudes or sexy pics), or walking around butt naked! You don’t have to SAY anything those actions speak for themselves. Your man thinks the world of you, you don’t have to be shy with him, open up and let him know that you want him. I promise you won’t regret it.

  • Last one, pleaseeee start giving more head! Yes slob the knob, swallow the corn I don’t know what else folks say but you get the point! Oral sex should be done and not like it’s a chore, give your man head like it’s his last request on death row! If you don’t know how to give head just ask them to show you, I don’t know any man who will not help you give them better head! (Some oral sex tips will be coming soon, no worries)

 Places/People to help with stamina locally in Tallahassee:

*Herold ‘Boss’ (Personal training)-8507454299 @areal_tycoonboss

*Splack (Flex N Werk Classes)-8507926335 @splackwilliams

*Queen of Hearts Fitness (Pole Dancing & Group classes) -8502709347 @queenofheartsfitness

Men- it’s your turn. If you want your girl to start taking more initiative and put more energy into making sex better for you then you definitely need to make sure you’re doing your part!

  • Try not to be predictable, we’ve all seen the Kevin Hart standup, yep you bout to cum, see I knew it same thing every time. It's true, women may not say it but we definitely think it. I’m not saying become a world class gymnast I’m just saying switch up a few factors every now and then and it can start before even hitting the bedroom. Hell you don’t even have to hit the bedroom all floor spaces are welcome! Picking up a few of her chores and telling her to go take a bath, starting foreplay somewhere besides where you all are about to have sex, sending some new position ideas from work with the smirky emoji. Something different. Anything different.

  • Ask your girl to cut on the lights and have her point to her clitoris. Have a look around, it won’t bite I promise but this rubbing like you tryna start a fire in the wrong spot has to stop. Just ASK or get a diagram. Give head with the light on! Sometimes you need to be able to see to work off of her body’s cues anyway. Understand that majority of women don’t have orgasms vaginally, yes it may feel good but feeling good doesn’t bring that feeling of relief. It’s ok if she doesn’t orgasm vaginally but you can help her to have a clitoral orgasm, but not if you don’t know where to find it.

  • Women honestly feel that majority of men are selfish in bed. This is how women think when you worry about getting your nut first

You don’t kiss and touch anywhere except for her lady lumps, you don’t try and find her spots on her body, you don’t even try to hold your own nut to give her time to get hers. You’re not reading her bodies reactions to know if she’s feeling something or if you should change. It’s selfish and it has to stop. The clitoris has 8,000 nerves in it, so when a woman says somewhere is her ‘spot’ it’s a good chance that her spot gives her the tingle in her clit that makes her want to jump your bones. Women need to be warmed up, some of y’all complain that so and so doesn’t get wet enough but hell did you rub the magic lamp or did you just try to stick your dick in it? Be honest with yourself. When women don’t cum they tell their friends .. don’t let this be you.

  • Talk to her, before you plan on having sex grab some wine and just talk to her. The more relaxed she is the easier it is for her to climax so get her comfortable with you by sitting down and discussing sex. It’s a great way to have foreplay but also it shows that you’re actually into whatever will make her feel pleasure. This will help her open up to you, it’s a cheat sheet for you to bring the best experience.  

  • Don’t think that just because you have a big dick that your sex game is on point because we have assessed that is a lie! Go move around, body rolling goes a long way.

You need to be tryna hit her g spot and you not gone do it by acting like you’re sharpening a pencil. You need more motion in the ocean. The ocean moves, the waves are huge and they take everything out in sight. That needs to be you!

Now everything doesn’t work for everybody BUT if you all sit down and talk to each other you may find that there may be some areas that you can improve on that we didn’t discuss. As always be respectful of each person because we all vibe different. As long as your goal is your partners pleasure then I promise that you will find a way to ensure that your sex game is NOT wack.

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