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Jason & Aerie (Updated 2/4/18)

See Jason and Aerie had been married for 2 years, had been college sweet hearts and he had proposed on her graduation day. Both landed great jobs after graduating from Howard, neither with kids or any excess drama and a promising future ahead of them both. What more could anyone want? They had decided that they would travel before having children but with Jason on Wall Street and Aerie now managing her first boutique there hadn’t been much traveling at all. Jason was more than pleased; he was making major money for his age and was saving it for early retirement. His wife was educated and sexy and pretty much every man he knew had to take a second look at her boosted his ego every time because he knew his woman would never step outside of their relationship. He thanked God everyday because there was nothing better.

Aerie was content; she was excited about her new management opportunity and executed each day with ease. She knew that next in her career would be purchasing her own boutique; fashion was second nature to her and her work ethic proved it. She felt very lucky not to be still searching for her husband, a man that wasn’t afraid of commitment and supported her dreams and carried out his very well. The issue she did have was that she was still fighting the honeymoon phases. Aerie now had her own beautiful office that overlooked New York City and instead of gazing down at the streets she always found her hand up her skirt until it was time to go home. She felt guilty, always looking forward to that last hour at work just to pleasure herself. She had decided months ago to stop worrying Jason about sex. They rolled around their Egyptian sheets about once every two weeks, enough for him to get his and for her to get hers, and then it was back to work. She had memorized his response by now, “Aerie, ever since you got those new bulky interns you’re always ready”. Truth was, she barely noticed any other men she just wanted Jason to be like they were in college, he was always so innovative and lively. His dick always ready to salute her. She had decided maybe she was just not occupied enough at work and would take up some extra activities.

Jason was pleased to hear that she would find some extra things to do, he didn’t like having to worry about where her hormones would be everyday. Aerie took up volleyball; the rec center in their neighborhood was always having intermural sports, she went to volleyball 3 times a week. Volleyball took up a good length of her excess time; on her free days she cooked dinner for the week and cleaned the house her volleyball days were hers. Seeing that she hadn’t had much physical fitness since college she was wore out for the first month, she rarely had any energy for her last pleasure hour at work. After she renewed her physical strength her sexual appetite seemed to grow. Aerie would spend her last hour at work sometimes forgetting about the time and getting home half an hour to an hour late. She always told Jason the same thing; that work kept her late. He didn’t seem to mind and business went on as usual.

One particular day Jason arrived home early because he had took the day off at work for all his medical appointments. He decided to surprise his queen and take her to dinner. He arrived at he boutique during her alone pleasure hour. Her staff never bothered her at this time and would always leave when their work was complete. They gave Jason a seat near her office and one by one they started to leave. When the last intern had left he knew his woman was next. He checked his watch and saw 5 o’clock quickly approaching. He was sitting thinking about steak or chicken when he was sure he heard small moans coming from his wife’s office. He stayed as quiet as possible and realized that was exactly what he heard. He stayed silent waiting to hear a man’s voice but never heard one; he didn’t know why his wife was moaning. About 30 minutes later his wife emerged from her office very startled to see her husband standing there. His face was emotionless and hers with surprise. She kissed him swiftly on the cheek and asked what was he doing there. “I was coming to surprise you for a dinner date. What were you in there doing? Your staff left 30 minutes ago.” Her cheeks flushed, embarrassed to tell her husband about her secret hour, she dreaded his response. She only replied “Finishing up payroll babe, you should have knocked.” With that she shut her office door and they were on their way.

New Segment- 2/4/18

He couldn’t shake the moans that he heard from her office. Was she cheating on him? Was there another man pleasing his wife? He didn’t want to assume so quickly but he was definitely going to find out. He would show up tomorrow and really surprise her. He’d be damned if he lost his wife to some jerk ass dude. He went through dinner normal as possible. He realized his wife had not made one sexual advance toward him besides that peck kiss on the cheek when they had left her office. He waited for her to allude to sex, but it never came. Before he knew it they were at home in the bed waiting the next morning. He made a slight advance to her in her sleep but she was out cold like she was worn out, she usually had loads of energy for sex at anytime of the hour. He woke up that next morning and didn’t feel like going to work. Aerie was more than surprised and welcomed the thought of Jason having an off day. She kissed him goodbye and told him she would see him after work. When she left he got up and searched the apartment, he didn’t know exactly what he was looking for but he was sure he would find it. Even though he didn’t find any evidence of his woman cheating he did find things missing. Half of the toys in their sex drawer were missing. Most of the ‘his and her’ toys were still there but all of her personal toys were gone. He sat and thought and realized he knew where they probably would be. He couldn’t help but wonder why she would need those at work. He tried to remember the last time they had sex. He had a difficult time. He got hard every morning and even when seeing Aerie cook but there was always so much work to be done.

He knew he was making excuses. Aerie usually tried to have sex every morning, the other day she wanted to get in the shower with him and he told her another day because he had to get to work. To be honest Jason was ahead at work, he was always mentoring someone new and he had vacation time saved up. The guilt was sitting in pretty quickly. He wasn’t going out like that though. He quickly took a shower and got dressed. He made a list of things he would need and set out for his day. First he hit the grocery store, he didn’t know much about cooking but he could bake up a storm and he knew Aerie loved sweets. He got all the ingredients for a German chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. He grabbed chocolate syrup, whipped cream and syrup. He stopped at the local flower shop and bought 4 dozen white roses. He went to the sex store as well. Some man as working behind the counter and tried to push up on Jason, after a quick flick of the eye the man quickly straightened up and asked if he could assist him with anything. Jason simply asked, “What do women like?” The man really didn’t know and pointed Jason to the owner of the store. The woman who also tried to hit on Jason went the extra mile to show Jason everything that she and other women liked. Not at all moved by the overly plump woman he thanked her for her help and decided upon the anal beads and the slide on dick vibrator(vibrating cock ring) for two. Aerie always loved her vibrator and hoped it would be just as good. Knowing that Aerie always cooked he ordered her favorite take out instead, oysters and salmon over the bed of brown rice and he ordered the bottle of wine to go with it. He stopped at an aromatherapy store and gathered enough candles to light the city on a blackout and some massage oils. All things Aerie would mention and he said they would get to but he never did. He’d be damned if some toys showed him out. He took the rest of the week off at work and went home to set up a special evening.

He decided to pick Aerie up from work again just to see if he heard the same moans, he needed to be sure there was not man in those moans that he was missing. Her intern showed him to the same seat and he waited. He noticed a flipped blind on the other side of her office and got up to see what she was doing. His eyes grew quickly. Aerie was in her chair doing work but it had nothing to do with that boutique. She had her vibrator on her clit and he recognized that eye roll anywhere. She had her skirt on her hips and her stockings were on the floor. His boyish erection started to grow before he even realized how aroused he was. He decided to go inside. He turned the knob of her door and was staring straight at her before she could even realize that he was there. Her mouth was wide open and caught between a nut. It was quiet for some moments. Jason broke the silence, “Don’t stop” he whispered. Aerie hesitated, but after seeing the warning look on Jason’s face she continued. Her orgasm seemed so far away now. She didn’t know if he was mad or if he liked it. She hadn’t done anything wrong and tried to concentrate on her orgasm that a minute ago seemed so close. When she opened her eyed Jason was much closer and his dick was noticeably hard. He was enjoying it. She got comfortable and stared directly at him. “ Why haven’t you cum yet Aerie?”. She came instantly from his tone and the question. She stayed silent as she watched him unzip his pants and start stroking his dick. She hadn’t seen him glare at her so intensely in so long. She kept the vibrator dead on her clit til she couldn’t bear the moans anymore. They tore from her mouth and Jason’s hand moved with them. He stroked his dick and never took his eyes off of her. He went behind her desk and pulled her from her chair with a slight force she let out a small yelp and he bent her over. Over the desk he pressed his erection against her pulsing pussy and he entered her. Her pussy soft and warm and so inviting. He immediately knew that there was no other man indie of his woman. She clenched the walls of her pussy around him and he bit his lip trying to stay calm. He loved when she did that. He raised he skirt more to bare all of her ass, it was now that he noticed that volleyball had really favored his wife and her was sitting even more plump than usual. He grabbed her waist and lost control. She grabbed the front of the desk and the scrams started to erupt from her mouth. He grabbed her hair and went beast before he even realized it. Her pussy said that she like it. He felt her erupt countless times on his dick, all the juices going down her legs and he drilled until he felt his nut cum. She was screaming messages that couldn’t be understood and Jason joined her with a loud grunt as he came. He filled her pussy with his warm juices and the slid out of her pussy. She turned around and met him with a hungry kiss.

(New segments added each week! Come back HERE next week to see the next chapter)


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