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Yoni Oil by the Manufacturer

To many, yoni is a new word. It is a term used to describe a divine passage, womb or sacred temple. These descriptions all sound like the proper description of the vagina. Yoni oil is a compilation of essential oils that to serve several beneficial roles for the vagina.

Using Yoni oil has several benefits especially as you age and things start to go awry. Some describe it as an extra step to make sure your yoni is in tiptop shape, while others describe it as a healing and preventative step that can have several benefits.

“I’ll admit; I was a little hesitant to use this, as most women usually are when it comes to things in the close vicinity of their vagina. But after researching and trying Gina: Yoni Oil, I WAS SOLD!”

Yoni oil helps with vaginal dryness; a condition resulting from insufficient lubrication or rather wetness in the cervix. It results in inflammation and thinning of vaginal walls. In addition, this dryness can make sex painful and uncomfortable. A few drops of yoni oil can help reduce dryness in order to avoid hurts during sexual intercourse.

Yoni oil prevents excess bacterial and rids infections. Oregano oil is the main ingredient in the Gina: Yoni Oil, and it is used as an antiseptic antifungal agent, effective with vaginal infections. A few drops of yoni oil applied actually prevents (BV) bacterial vaginosis as well as yeast infections due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

****Be cautious of yoni oil that contains tea tree oil, while tea tree oil is an essential oil IT IS NOT SAFE TO PUT IN YOUR VAGINA. ****

Tea tree oil is commonly advertised in the ingredients of most yoni oils because of its antifungal agents however, because the vagina is a very sensitive area, and the risks of irritation is great using a oil like tea tree not only has the potential to throw of your natural pH balance, give you extreme burning discomfort, it also can thin out the lining of your mucus membrane.

According to OBGYN, Dr. Dardik, tea tree oil doesn't have a neutral pH level, so it has the potential to cause painful chemical burns in your vagina. So while it might smell heavenly, keep it far away from your garden down under.

Another doctor, Shazia Malik, consultant obstetrician & gynecologist at The Portland Hospital, explained to, “if undiluted it could burn the delicate mucosal lining of the vagina, and even if diluted can strip away healthy bacteria.” Instead the doctor went on to state, “I do recommend tea tree oil in a bath with sea salt to help tissue healing after a vaginal birth, but never as a yoni oil, douche or on a tampon.

Yoni oil can help strengthen vaginal muscles because it is made of natural oils that stimulate your vagina while strengthening vagina muscle walls and allowing for a greater and more excellence sexual experience. Its ability to tighten and strengthen the vaginal muscles is real and amazing.

Yoni oil when applied topically to the skin of the vagina helps the skin remain hydrated. Keeping the skin soft keeps the body feeling comfortable. Therefore, being an oil, it keeps that skin soft smooth and well hydrated. The yoni stays happy and healthier with no uncomfortable dry feeling.

Lastly, using yoni oil helps maintains healthy uterus and menstrual cycle. In addition to fighting infection, yoni oil has the capability to balances female hormones and stimulates the production of hormones that help maintain uterine health. In addition, yoni oil helps to stimulate menstrual discharge and ease cramp pain. Yoni oil is your perfect feminine addition that will keep your lady downstairs healthy and fresh.

Yoni oil has now become a new addition to my daily hygiene maintenance. The oil itself has an earthy medicinal scent that isn’t overbearing but is quite fascinating to try to explain/figure out. It does offer a cool refreshing feeling once you wash it off-- again not unbearable just a reminder that it is there and working. I’m always interested in natural was to help heal and solve issues in life especially when related to health or women’s health

To reap the health benefits of yoni oil,

Here are suggested directions of how to use Gina: Yoni Oil


**Shake Well Before Use**

Gina: Yoni oil can be used both externally and internally in your vagina.

(Externally) you can apply it on top of the vagina for hydration.

(Internally) you can apply it in between the labia throughout vulva for daily preventive maintenance after a bath or shower.

You can get a habit of applying yoni oil after a shower every evening and making sure you sleep with a panty liner in case you produce excess lubrication. In the morning you can wash the oil off and feel airy and clean.

******For minor infections, apply 7-10 drops of yoni oil into the vaginal canal, on the labia and throughout the vulva twice daily until the problem disappears.

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