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Masturbation & Orgasms Pt. I

Masturbation is one of those things that’s kind of like sex in the sense that everyone does it but no one wants to talk about it. Unfortunately masturbation is even more of a taboo than sex! Even couples don’t discuss it! As usual I’m going to just dive in and hit some things that everyone needs to realize about masturbation.

Before I even get into the benefits we have to get past the part that some people feel guilt when they masturbate, majority of those people being in a relationship/married. This is where communication needs to come in AGAIN. Talk to your partner, you can simply say hey do you masturbate? That will open the floor for more. Do you feel that masturbating is cheating?

Depends why you are doing it, if you’re masturbating to avoid cheating or to purposely fantasize about someone that you want to cheat on your spouse with then you have bigger fish to fry. I’m talking regular ole you need a release in between the time you are intimate with your partner again masturbation!

In real life a good sex life is usually the average between how much sex you want and how much you can get. For example you might get horny everyday but if you have a newborn child or work opposite work shifts then the odds are you won’t get to have that release everyday. What if it takes two weeks for you and your partner to be on the same schedule? You think that you should both just go through those two weeks waiting on each other? Here’s the catch, as long as you and your spouse have an understanding then there is nothing to hide or feel ashamed about. Having an orgasm is a normal bodily function so if you feel shame about masturbating then we suggest you dealing with that head on.

Another taboo within this taboo is that men usually masturbate but when the woman masturbates it’s seen as an issue, why is this?

Masturbating by a woman is not done to emasculate anyone and if you take offense to your woman masturbating then unfortunately you’re just being selfish. Why does a married couple need to masturbate? Well men complain that most women don’t want to have sex as often as they would like (please make sure your sex game is actually fulfilling before you say this IJS) so they need the release. Women usually aren’t getting clitoral orgasms so though the sex may be good she hasn’t gotten her release and sometimes a top off is needed. Don’t look at this as a chance to be offended look at it as an opportunity to join her in getting her orgasm. Commit to her finish even if that means having to bring a vibrator between the sheets of your relationship. It takes a hell of a partner to say I know you need this release, let me help you. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

Now after you get past shame or guilt the reasons a woman should masturbate are endless!

The vagina is a muscle and when a woman has an orgasm those muscles contract over and over. That is strengthening her muscle. Having orgasms more often also increases the chances of another orgasm, basically having one means the odds are the next time you will also reach orgasm as well. Now women have this amazing ability to have multiple orgasms, which means that she doesn’t have to get aroused all over again. She gets to jump the line and have an orgasm again without going through her sexual cycle all over. With an adjustment of pressure she can reach orgasm again within 1-2 minutes sometimes, which men just cannot do as often as women. Now why would a man be offended by you wanting to experience all that your body can do for you?

**There are over 8,000 nerves in the clitoris**

What does this mean? It means you should find as many ways as you can to get each and every one of those nerves to react! There should never be boring sex again if everyone was trying to get each of those nerves to respond correctly! Let’s say that when you have sex with your partner he’s able to give you an orgasm A and an orgasm B, but then you get your first vibrator and the orgasm feels totally different, its still a clitoral orgasm but different nerves reacted and now you have orgasm C. Down the line orgasm C gets predictable so you get a different type of vibrator and this one creates another type of orgasm that maybe lasts even longer or even makes you squirt! We now have orgasm D. I think you get the point right? Masturbating is a way to discover all that your body has to offer and it doesn’t have to be by yourself all the time, you can always have your partner join in. There’s something wildly sexy about them being able to find your orgasm and knowing exactly how to get to them even if its not via their dick or penetration.

Even if you have one vibrator that gets the job done its important to try different kinds of vibrators and stimulators because they can all cause different eruptions from your body.

A lot of people are having boring sex because you have stopped trying to find different ways to make your partner orgasm. This is why people experiment, to see how many nerves they can get to while we can still have sex!

Another benefit of masturbation is moistness, the more you cum the more juices your body will make. Your body has muscle memory so if you usually cum three times eventually on the first one you will already be wet in anticipation of the pleasure that’s to cum (see what I did there?). Having orgasms relieves a lot of stress, as we all know, so if you’re grouchier than usual then it’s a good chance that you probably need the Big O.

Be sure to tune in to the next segment of masturbation and orgasms, where we will discuss:

  • How to find orgasm through masturbation

  • Building sexual confidence with masturbation

  • How to combine different toys in masturbation

  • How to incorporate your partner

  • Other benefits of masturbation

  • The different types of orgasms

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