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I'm sexy, I'm confident and I'm not a size 0...

Interviewer: Samia Burton

Interviewee: Lace H.

Age: 31

Why did we interview her? She’s a BBW (Bigger Black Woman) and confident about her sexuality

SE: What makes you different than most when it comes to sex?

Lace H. Sex is a whole pleasurable experience to me. It's not just dick + pussy = orgasm. I take my pleasure and the pleasure I provide seriously. I think focusing on the feel good of it all makes me unique when it comes to sex.

SE: Why is it that people think of you when it comes to kinky things?

Lace H.: People think of me when it comes to kinky things because I'm very open about the kind of pleasure I enjoy and expect. It's no secret I'm into toys, porn and masturbation to name a few. Lots of people have learned that about me via social media, if not in person. Over the years, people have actually reached out to me for advice or questions because of this. People I don't even really know too. Because of my comfortableness and open mindedness to all things sex, I'm seen as a safe space for that kinda talk.

SE: What’s the craziest sexual experience you’ve ever had?

Lace H.: The craziest sexual experience I've had is mostly because of the excitement of it. One drunken night, the guy I was dealing with decided it would be fun to go have sex in the football stadium on our university's campus. Surprisingly the stadium was open. We went right in and started in the stands and ended up in the end zone by the end of the night. Talk about scoring! LOL Crazy fun experience!

SE: Describe the perfect dick (Curved, big?) Please don’t spare us the details, we want all the dirt!

Lace H.: My perfect dick would be about medium length (not too long but not real short), thick af and slightly curved... a lil ombré action is cool lol but THE VEINS! Idk why but I love a veiny dick!

SE: What is the difference between the sex you had in college versus now?

Lace H.: In college, I was sexing just to sex. It was very easy for me to separate sex and emotion. At this point in life, however, I prefer more intimate sexual experiences. I actually want to feel things. Do I even like this person? Is there chemistry? Will he be just as into my pleasure as I am his, if not more? These are all more important to me now. They make for much better sex.

SE: Do you enjoy masturbation? Are orgasms better by yourself or with a partner?

Lace H.: I love masturbation. I think it's important for knowing yourself and sometimes you really just need to get that nut out LOL! It is how get a lot of my days started and gets me through the extended times I've gone without sex. I've had really great orgasms from both masturbation and sex. I wouldn't say one orgasm is better than the other. They both can be amazing in their own rights.

SE: How did you become so comfortable with your sexuality and what tips would you give those who are not?

Lace H.: When I first started having sex, I was so disappointed lol. I didn't feel like I was getting much out of it, compared to my partner. It was important for me to become comfortable with my sexuality because I needed to learn to be able to get the maximum outta my sexual experiences. I put the responsibility on myself to figure out what it took to get me there. I made my sexuality and pleasure important. I'm a sag so sexual liberation kinda comes naturally to me lol. But for anyone that may need help getting to that point, here's a few things I still do to this day: make a habit out of making some sensual time for yourself, cater to your own feel good, Sleep naked more often, look at yourself in the mirror while rubbing down in your favorite body oil, take candlelit showers, watch porn and masturbate to it, masturbate with toys, practice edging, take nudes and start a collection for yourself, wear more lingerie. These private moments keep me in tune with my sexuality.

SE: Do you enjoy giving head? Why or why not?

Lace H.: I absolutely lovveeee giving head. I feel powerful AF with a throbbing dick in my mouth getting its hardest. I enjoy being in control and there's nothing like being in control of his orgasms with this ‘mouf’.

SE: What do you want your sexuality to become as you get older, what do you visualize as your optimal sex life?

Lace H.: I want to continue enjoying a healthy sex life. Preferably MORE sex consistently in the future but I want to be able to have amazing orgasms for as long as I can. I think it would be awesome to grow old with someone that just can't get enough of me and will always keep a spicy sex life.

SE: What are some areas of sex that you are open to now that you never thought that would be?

Lace H.: I never imagined being open to the idea of anal anything being pleasurable. My eyes have been opened to the joys of getting my ass ate and even finger play though! I've definitely been sleep! I'm actually looking forward to enjoying more in that area in the future.


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