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Yoni Oil FAQ's 

How to apply the oil?

Dispense 7-10 drops onto the labia, clitoris, urethra, inside vagina down to the anus. Use fingertips to gently massage the oil inside and allow the oil to set for 4hrs; no longer than 8hrs. Then wash or wipe off. The easiest way to apply is using the applicator and squirting it directly onto your fingers and use a fingering motion to massage inside (YES INSIDE) the vagina and around the labia. If feeling any discomfort immediately discontinue use.

How often to use it?

Use as needed, each person’s pH balance is different so use until you have achieved optimal results for your body. Yes, oil can be applied every day or even once a month. We direct you to use often as needed.

Does it have an expiration date?

The pH Balancer expires 1yr after it has been opened.

Can I use the oil while on my cycle?

Yes, we encourage you to use the oil on your cycle. You can add oil to your tampon, sanitary pad and/or menstrual cup or directly inside of yourself after your shower.

Can I use if I am pregnant?

No, do not use if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Is the oil edible?

While the oil is plant-based it is NOT edible. Please wash off before oral intercourse.

How long can I keep the oil on after application?

Do not exceed more than 8hrs before washing it off.

Will it burn?

 The oil is very gentle and should not burn unless you have recently experienced tearing in or around your vagina.

Do I insert the applicator inside of me? 

 No, do NOT insert the applicator inside of you. Apply oil to your finger so not to contaminate the bottle. 

Do I still need to bathe? 

 Yes, we encourage customers to continue to use their regular hygiene routines in addition to using the oil.

What happens if I leave on the oil longer than 8hrs?

DO NOT LEAVE THE OIL ON LONGER THAN 8HRS—while the product consists of essential oils and is natural we do not advise leaving anything on your vagina longer than 8hrs without washing off for sanitary reasons.

Do I need to clean the applicator?

 If you have BV, or yeast infections to avoid cross-contamination please rinse off and sanitize with soap and water after each use.

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