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The Yoni & All Her Glory (Post for the ladies)

The Vagina is one chick who is always being called out of her name, there’s purse, pussy, cat, pumpum, twat, beaver, coochie, va-jayjay and can’t forget good ole camel toe. The name that you don’t really hear people saying is Yoni. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for female genitalia. Hinduism is an ancient Indian Dharma way of life practiced in South Asia and the language is called Sanskrit.

So you hear women saying they need a yoni egg, let me help explain the purpose and intent of them. Yoni eggs are similar to Ben Wa Balls they can be used in correlation with kegel exercises (don’t worry this topic gets its own post) The special thing about yoni eggs though is that they’re actual gemstones. The goal is to connect with the properties of your yoni egg. Take Rose Quartz for example, the properties of that stone is surrounded with love making it the ultimate love stone. So a person that is looking for love, or a person who is trying to strengthen their relationships regardless of it being with family or intimately, would be a perfect candidate for the Rose Quartz yoni egg.

So what does this entire process look like?

1. When you receive your yoni egg you make sure that you inspect it for damages. I mean.. it’s going inside of your vagina ..a cut inside of there is not as simple as a paper cut

2. Next you want to physically clean your yoni egg. There are two options, option #1 is washing your yoni egg with warm water and soap, and then wiping it down with a hard alcohol (yes like Saturday night alcohol) do NOT wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. After you rub it down with the alcohol you then rinse and dry it. Option #2 is boiling water on the stove and then after the water is boiling remove it from the heat. Let the water cool down, it should be hot but bearable to touch and put your egg in for about 12-15 minutes. Do NOT leave your egg in boiling water. It will CRACK.

3. Now spiritually you would want to cleanse your egg, it is up to you how you do this. This depends on what you believe is spiritually cleaning something. If you’re not sure look up burning sage, prayer or meditation.

4. Next you would meditate with your egg and try and think on the properties that you want to take on that the egg represents. The yoni egg is a standing representation of the properties that you want to consume; similar to a vision board it holds things that you want to focus on.

5. And lastly you would do kegels with your yoni egg! Insertion should be with the bigger round part of the egg entering you first. This means the tip/point should be facing down.

How to Remove my Yoni Egg?

Remember that the vagina is a muscle that expands and contracts; if you are tense or stressed it will contract. To remove the egg you will have to relax. Your vagina will not let anything foreign stay there for too long, it will not get stuck. When you feel your egg sliding downwards you should push. When it is close enough for you to stick a finger inside and feel the egg just use your finger to get out the rest of the way.

What size Yoni Egg do I start with?

Yoni eggs generally come in 3 sizes. Large, medium and small. Small being the most difficult and large being the easiest. Personally I think that medium is a good place to start, if after a month you are having difficulty you can always switch to large and after practice you can then transition to small.

Am I doing my Kegel correctly?

To test if you are doing your kegel correctly you should try to stop urinating mid stream. That is the same muscle you should be flexing during kegel exercises.

Some Benefits of Kegel Exercises

1. Decrease urine leakage

2. Help rejuvenate nerves to improve sexual sensation

3. Stronger vaginal muscles (to better grip the dick IJS)

4. Increase blood flow in vaginal area which increases orgasmic pleasure

Recovery after child birth

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I want to come back in my next life as a Yoni Egg!!!

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