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Sir, To Be Honest Your Sex Game is WACK

Yep we’re going there! After our painfully honest interview with the young lady who openly admitted that she’s never had an orgasm from a sexual partner (which you can find in our interview section), we felt obligated to just put it all out there.

There are a numerous amount of men out here, who are bragging on who they’ve had sex with, all because a woman faked an orgasm just to spare his male ego and an awkward ass conversation. Well we are speaking on behalf of those ladies, to help enlighten some of you who’s sex game is indeed wack. Now if you actually love women and want to satisfy them, then you should be now asking yourself two questions, the first being am I one of those men who’s sex game is wack? And the second being how can I improve because I want to please women when I touch them. No worries we don’t believe in bringing anyone down unless we plan on giving them the tools to be built back up so yes we have done the leg work for you. If your sex game is wack it’s probably because of one or multiple of these items below:

1. You’re predictable, you believe that you’re so good that you never have to change up a damn thing.

2. You have no idea what a clitoris is and if you have heard of it you really have no idea of where to find it and you’re too proud to just ask for help.

3. You’re selfish- you are in and out before the time it takes me to warm up my car in the morning. How in the hell she supposed to get to the big O if you can’t even give her a few moments

4. You won’t communicate, so either you’re not comfortable enough to communicate with the person you’re being intimate with or either you just don’t care. Either way it’s not okay.

5. You only believe in ‘Hoe Bath Sex’, meaning you only touch on the hot spots forgetting about all the other parts of your lovers body which leaves them totally dependent on one action to get them ‘there’

6. Bonus- You’re too dependent on your dick’s size and your boat has no motion in the ocean

So if you have looked over my list and feel that it’s kind of harsh, I don’t apologize,

I would hope that no one would intend to give bad sex on purpose but with our generation I’m starting to believe that people just don’t care. As long as it’s another notch on the belt then who cares that people fake orgasms with you. Let’s put our pride aside and break into a renaissance of caring about our lovers pleasure regardless of that meaning we have to accept that we need help in certain areas.

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Blunt, direct, honest and ON POINT!

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