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Keep Going by: Nia Akosua

A kiss, soft and subtle greet my lips as if they've known me longer than I've known myself. Followed by his touch that coat my hips firmly moving me closer to him. Without hesitation I obliged moving into him grinding my hips against his. We continue to kiss steadily but more passionately with every motion. As the energy grows between us the steam from our bodies create a rage within me like a wild fire spreading through a lush forest. The pulse between my legs grows into an uncontrollable throb beating like a drum. Sending shocks throughout my entire body like constant waves of energy surging up and down, in and out. At this moment he turns his attention to my breast. Kissing them one at a time. Small pecks outline my nipples teasing me until he takes one into his mouth. He is a practical man so he shares the same gift with the other. He loves a healthy balance and so do I. He knows that he has me under his thumb now, hitting all the right spots...all of my spots. I grip his head and continue to kiss him. At this point my remaining clothes are tossed somewhere onto the floor. My hips still in motion as a moan escapes my lips as he enters me. Everything in sync, soft, smooth, wet, yet firm, hard, and fulfilling... literally. Increasing our motion, I look into his eyes as he looks into mine. Going deeper with each stroke guided by my cadence his grip tightens around my waist. I bite his left shoulder after my head drops onto his, overwhelmed with pleasure. As he whispers into my ear "keep going". Feeling dazed he pulls me closer and holds me tighter as I reluctantly drift away from him and out of my slumber.

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