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Sex is to be HAD. (Personal interview w/ our Episode 6 podcast guest BJay)

Interviewer: Samia Burton

Interviewee: B. Jay

Age: 30

Why did we interview her? She will try anything once..and twice, gotta make sure it's not a fluke.

SE: What makes you sexually unique?

B. Jay: I don't know if I necessarily consider myself sexually unique per se. I just allow my curiosity to frame my imagination and I'm very curious about everything. I'm not afraid of being judged for what I like and/or wish to try. So if there's anything unique or different about me is my capability to be open. I'll try anything once (most anything.. )

SE: What kinds of things have you experimented with? Any favorites in particular? In the future?

B. Jay: I've tried toys, bdsm, dabbled in dom/sub situations, voyeurism, threesomes, an orgy, same sex, torture, bondage, role playing. honestly I can't remember everything but I've been around a couple of blocks once or twice. Not much I'll say no to cause I need to experience it to know if I like it or not. My favorite is bondage/delayed gratification.. Something about teasing and being teased that makes me come out of skin in the best most gratifying way possible.

SE: Describe your most amazing sexual encounter.

B. Jay: I've had various and mainly the best ones I'm always so drunk I can't remember exact details I just know I wake up the next day naked in my trashed room, lol. Had to be amazing, right?? My most memorable encounter though was right after I graduated college, a man I was "dating" moved back home ( 7 hours away) and I lusted after this man so much, our sex was always so amazing it'd make my back, toes, right butt cheek and eyelashes cramp when he'd make me cum. We had an attraction to each other that was undeniable and maddening. Living in the same city we had easy access to each other and carried out a thriving sexuationship off and on for 6+ years but when he moved home we went over 6 months with no contact and that drove me crazy! I finally get a break from school and work and drove down to as I tend to say to him often "put my mouth on every inch of him" and I meant it.. I was leaving no stones unturned. Now because we knew I was coming down we had hyped this day up for weeks, talking about what was going to happen, sexting non stop, pictures, videos etc. Now with all this build up I was nervous as hell and so excited and horny if the wind blew in the right direction I was likely to bust.. but I was also nervous that we put too much emphasis on the reunion and it'd be a bust. I get to town shower, change into lingerie (he didn't know this was happening he thought I was getting ready to go to dinner with him). I lie and tell him I need more time to get ready and to come up and sit down the door is open .. he walks in and I'm in a silk robe with lace boy shorts on (that's all) robe wide open. After that, I promise you I felt like I was drunk and never had a sip. He slowly walks over, picks me up and pushes me up into a wall and simultaneously takes a nipple in his mouth while getting my panties off.. I'm so damn impressed by this feat I'm fairly certain I came off that interaction alone .. That had to be the most intense sex of my life. It lasted several hours and we only stopped because at one point we were both so dehydrated we couldn't produce anymore saliva and decided passing out was best before we killed each other. The intensity of that moment is something I still masturbate to.

SE: What’s the oldest person you’ve ever had relations with? Youngest? Any differences or preferences amongst the two?

B. Jay: The oldest is perhaps 35? Not very old .. I am not by any means opposed to them. Just never approached. Salt and Pepper papi's I'm all the way here for it.. The youngest was 19 when I was 28 (and boy could I tell... jack rabbit sex, I am not here for). The experience levels are evident. Bad sex can be had at any age but the inability to find your rhythm is a young mans thing from experience. I prefer a man closer to my age or older.. Aesthetically I am attracted to that wide jaw that men get when they lose their baby faces and the baby face grosses me out a bit. I just see a child. I don't mind teaching you about my likes but don't want to teach you about women in general and since younger women have a hard time expressing their likes and dislikes with their partners young men just are lost in their early years.

SE: Have you experimented with the same sex?

B. Jay: Well I outed myself regarding this in an earlier question but yes. I've always been attracted to women since I was a child and was approached by women in high school but finally went through with it in college (cliche, huh?) I looooove women. Sexually. It's too much emotionally but women are gorgeous, sexy, sensual, soft, just amazing and watching them cum is my trigger. I will eat your soul out through your pussy just to see your body respond. Who better to get head from than someone who has the same parts as you, am I right?

SE: What’s your sexual fantasy?

B. Jay: I have plenty, I think the most prevalent one has to be an all female threesome with two fine ass women and a man watching but not being allowed to touch any of us or himself. He just has to sit there naked and watching.

SE: What are you into that you think most people may see as weird?

B. Jay: I enjoy eating ass and getting my ass ate and sucking dick from behind. Women always talk about getting their groceries ate and men will lie and say they'd never allow it but there has not been one man who I've done it to who has stopped me.. and their eyes rolling back through their ocular cavity lets me know they enjoy it as well. Ladies put their balls in your mouth, lick under their balls, slip down to their gooch and just keep sliding down slowly.. watch your man hit a shimmy.

SE: Do you indulge in masturbation? How often?

B. Jay: When I was younger, yes! Incessantly .. 2/3x a day. I've slowed down greatly as I've aged not because it's not needed or as desired/important as it once was but shoot sometimes I'm to tired and fall asleep before I can find the right video I want to watch lol. Also I mentioned before I really like delayed gratification well denying myself of pleasure is part of that. Especially when I know I'm going to get some soon .. I want all that pressure to release on your face, chin, chest, beard.

SE: What is something that you are particularly good at in the bedroom?

B. Jay: I am great at foreplay.. the lead up to the actual sex will make you want to get that fresh hand towel wipe down. I have a really good grasp on my own sexuality which makes it easy for me to coerce others. Also my mouth is rather amazing, I have a strong jaw and fluid tongue. Alas this is what I'm told from both genders.

SE: What do you enjoy about this blog?

B. Jay: I love the platform for open and judgment free space to be explicit about sex. Especially for women. Men are taught to be one with their sexuality from a young age, given free passes to "spread their seeds" but women are told to be modest to earn their husbands and to accept that "boys will be boys" so they need to have sex with multiple people. That never made sense to me growing up why there was any limitation on me due to my gender when the limit wasn't gender specific IE I can't impregnate anyone but I damn sure can enjoy sex with any and everyone if I so choose and do so safely. Many will say I'm a "hoe: because my body count is high compared to what's deemed "respectable" but I don't knowingly sleep with any one's spouse or lie to my partner and I don't garden. I refuse to be confined to the idea that I have to hold out on the first date, be selective to keep my body count down and live a life where I'm not my most authentic self because of a societal norm that was put in place to convince women to maintain their place in the home while their men were out living their best lives. Not I said the cat. I does what I want and I'm happy you're out here letting us express ourselves in all dimensions. Kudos!

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