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She Interviewed Me!

A few years back, I remember the initial hype of #WCW posts. If you've been living under a rock or are a total geek, you probably already know that #WCW = Woman Crush Wednesday. A day where social media users alike share their love for the women in their lives, whether they are their significant others, BFFs, family members or what have you; these posts are special. I always feel like there are SO many amazing women out in the world, it can be a struggle to choose just one to make your #WCW.

So I decided to make this a weekly thing when I get the opportunity to highlight PHENOMENAL WOMEN that I know or have heard of, and are beyond worthy of a simple #WCW post, they deserve more than just one day of Love and Recognition and we hope that we can celebrate their FABulous Lives here!

Sex is so taboo. We know it's happening (because kids keep popping up and I don't think the Stork is in business any longer!) but when anyone decides to discuss it openly, all of a sudden everyone turns into virgins or clueless adults. Where does that come from? Does the uncomfortable silence and backlash for those who are a bit more "liberated" than others stem from what we were taught about sex? What we saw on television? What we heard?

"How is your personal relationship with sex?"

Well, a fabulous friend of mine is on a journey to put a stop to the sex shaming, the confusion and lack of knowledge that comes with being sexually active (and actually being good at it!) Samia Burton. Woman, Entrepreneur, Intellectual, Mother, Wife and a woman who knows what she wants. I remember a few months ago, snapchattting Samia and telling her I planned on interviewing her for my #WCW sometime. I didn't know when, but I knew something stood out about her and I wanted to share her story with the world. She said something along the lines of "I haven't done anything to be interviewed!" Fast forward a month or two, and here we are. :) I watched her from afar as she shared her life as a young Mother and Wife, sharing her personal tips on life, sex and more and I was in awe. When she launched her company, it just proved to me that she was the Powerhouse I thought she was, and then some!

In a world where women are still blasted for even imagining that they can be as sexually liberated as men without being called the choice words we know so well, Samia is taking ZERO shit. Determined to inform others of the healthy, safe and wonderful ways to make their physical experiences something to remember, she's only just getting started. A natural fearless leader, Samia breaks the mold of what our generation may expect of a Sexual Liberator, but she's exactly who we have been waiting for.

• Name: Samia Burton

• Age: 25

• Occupation: Owner of Sexual Essentials LLC/Property Management

• Hometown: St. Louis

Glam Bag Must-Have?: Michael Kors Wallet lol I don’t do big bags so this little wallet holds my soul

• Your 'Diva on a Dime' Tip for Saving $?: Shell Gas points!!! If you already shop at Publix for instance you could stack the savings and never pay for a full tank of gas again!!

Who is the most FABulous person you know?: Hmmmm, now of course my mother but besides her I love Carrie Bradshaw! She was honest, sarcastic and wasn’t afraid of her sexuality!

Little Known Facts About You?: I love to discuss sex. I don’t enjoy shopping. I love to lift weights.

3 words that describe you: Smart mouth, sarcastic, driven.

3 words that describe your mission in life: Inform, influence and empower.

At this age, what is your mission in life?: Empower women to learn more about their sexuality, to encourage everyone to start discussing sex with their partners so we can all have better orgasms!

Why do you do what you do?: Honestly it’s a lot of people who think the exact same things that I write but they may be embarrassed and I’ve been blessed with the gift of not giving a crap and being loud and bold! So I want to be the voice for those women who have never had an orgasm, for those men that want more affection from their woman! I want to bring private discussions to the forefront and remove the taboo from sex because sex is just as normal as using the bathroom! We all will do it so it may as well be good right?!

What got you started on your personal mission?: A fascination I guess, after feeling my first orgasm I just KNEW everybody needs some of this! And I began researching and researching for years to figure out the ins and outs of sex. I also would talk to people about it and was always told they’ve never felt so comfortable to discuss something as intimate as sex so I took it as a sign that this is what I need to do.

What's different about what you are offering the world vs. counterparts?: I’m willing to talk about things that are intimate and flip it with some sarcasm and realness to open people up to want to discuss and get better. I provide a place for people to discuss sex and not just in an appropriate way, they get to discuss it however they want with no judgement!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: I see myself being on the breakfast club being interviewed and traveling doing conferences, and classes on oral sex, stamina and growing sexual confidence!

If you could meet one person, who would it be and why? What would you ask them?: I would meet Oprah. I would ask her how did she build her empire? Her confidence and thoroughness has taken her to places that we can only dream of!!

What's the greatest piece of advice ever given to you?: Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Once you truly be yourself you will find your purpose.

Who's your WCW and why?: My cousin Samira. She is amazing, she has a blog called RedefinedWorth and she is just growing so fast and she is transparent in her journey it really empowers me to be myself in all areas of my life.

What is your message for young girls and women around the world?: Do not dim down your light or your passion for anyone! Someone out there is counting on YOU to commit to your purpose!!!

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