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I'm Completely Satisfied

Interviewer: Samia Burton

Interviewee: Asha

Age: 33

Why did we interview her? She’s a Lesbian with tips that hetero couples can definitely use.

SE: What is the difference between the sex you’ve had before and now your fiancé?

Asha:  Everything. She’s female masculine so prior to me she hadn’t let very many women touch her at all. I also am more free, so my sexual encounters were more frequent. I want to have every sexual encounter possible even if I decide I don’t like it at least I’ve tried it and she was very much “vanilla” before me.

SE: What stands out in your relationship that makes you feel her intimacy?

Asha: She’s gentle with me. It’s like I can feel her love in each touch. She also pays attention to my body more than anyone I’ve ever been with.

SE: What sex toys do you all enjoy that you think heterosexual couples should definitely take a look at?

Asha: Everyone needs a good whip! Oh my gosh. You can pick them out by thickness or softness. I recommend you start with a short rubber one.  

Anddddddd every woman needs a go to quick vibrator. You can use it during sex, by yourself etc. I recommend using it as a part of foreplay. If you’ve never watched someone masturbate you’re missing out. Also a great way to experience penile orgasms is if you use the vibrator around your clit to experience multiple arousals. It will change your life.  

SE: Between us women we usually know more about the female anatomy than men, what tips on oral sex do you think that people need to know about giving women orgasms?

Asha: Best tip I can give anyone on oral: Be sloppy, circles around the clitoris and right below will def cause squirting, ALWAYS PLAY WITH HER NIPPLES in conjunction to giving her head. Remember multiple arousal regions bring orgasms faster and stronger. (If you’ve never done this before don’t be alarmed if she squirts, you’re doing your job right)

SE: Have you ever guest starred in someone else’s bedroom or has someone ever starred in yours?

Asha: I haven’t had any threesomes in my current relationship but I have had them before.... I think like up to 5 people at once lol that’s probably considered an orgy. I haven’t currently because honestly I don’t want to. Even though I’ve had some amazing ones, I’m not there anymore.

SE: What is you all’s fantasy?

Asha: I don’t think we have any fantasies because I promise we do it all. It doesn’t have to be a constant thing and with her she didn’t have a lot of them but they have progressively gotten better (yes lawd) but anytime there’s one spoken and sometimes unspoken we do it, no questions only safe words lol just create a space of trust. With more trust comes more openness and everything gets nasty after that and it’s .......whew!

SE: What’s an amazing instance that was sexually amazing or spontaneous. Yes we want the good stuff!

Asha: Ok. Lol. So one time I had box braids. I came home midday for lunch and of course midday sex is the best. I had on her favorite dress. It’s a simple dress but it hugs in all the right places. She was waiting for me and she blindfolded me with her tie (always use a tie, men or women doesn’t matter it’s the sensation of the silk that gets it, the thickness of it...whew) she made me straddle the bed on my knees and then she took my hands and places them on top of my head and tied my braids around my hands. I couldn’t move,  I have never been so turned on in my life. She ran a skinny braided belt all over me in between slight taps...I was shaking sure that I would cum even before she touched me directly but she wouldn’t let me. She stopped when she felt my energy and knew I was about to cum. She pushed me on the bed, face down and sucked me dry, drained me completely. I didn’t make it back to work. 

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