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Sex as a Grown Woman

Interviewer: Samia Burton

Interviewee: Kelly

Age: 45+

Why did we interview her? She’s past her 30’s and we wanted to know what a GROWN woman had to say!

SE: Describe your sex life around your 20’s, 30’s and now.

Kelly: My sex life in my 20’s was what I consider the “get it” stage. The stage when sex was more based on exploring and learning. Constant sex, several times a day if possible and whenever possible. Exploring by trying every position you think you could do and those you heard about, those you’d try to create.  When I got in my 30’s Sex became more about satisfaction. Exploring more of my body and what satisfies me.  Knowing my where my pleasure spots are learning to show my partner what I needed.   Not rushing to get that orgasm but playing and creating a fantasy, learning to take your time. Knowing it’s not how often you have sex but the pleasure of each encounter. In my 40’s sex is AMAZING! I am totally comfortable with my body how it works, how to please my audience, and myself he watches to create more excitement for him.  Knowing that sex is more than just the mere act. It’s a touch, a soft whisper; sex is what you make it. Creating your own mind-blowing experiences with your partner. My Favorite sexual time is NOW!!! 

SE: What are the biggest differences between the time frames?

Kelly: The biggest difference in those time frames is maturity.  Learning and understanding the difference in sex, fucking, making love and satisfying your needs.

SE: How do you handle your own sexuality while being a mother?

Kelly: I don’t think being a mother should make a difference in your sexuality.  I do believe once you are a mother you can’t become so involved in your child that you forget what your needs are as a woman, make sure not to loose yourself in motherhood.

SE: To this day what is your favorite sexual memory?

Kelly: I don’t have a most memorable.  I will say I try to make them all memorable

SE: Do you have a sex toy suggestion for our readers?

Kelly: Sex toys are necessary for many reasons.  Sex toys can be used for the inexperienced shy person who wants to explore and become familiar with her spots (use a bullet vibrator). For the ones who’s looking for a little more pleasure I’d say maybe the rabbit.  Sex toys can add great pleasures. I suggest exploring and having fun.

SE: What sex advice do you have for those who don’t have half of your experience?

Kelly: I believe sexual experiences are what you make them. My advice would be, don’t rush to the finish line, take your time enjoy and explore. Learn things about your body you didn’t even know was possible.

SE: How do you feel about sex blogs?

Kelly: I think sex blogs are GREAT.  We as women are sometimes ashamed to talk about it and we shouldn’t.  Women would be surprised to find out how many women have the same questions and experiences.

SE: What topics do you think we should discuss?

Kelly: I think all Topics should be discussed women need to understand your vagina is special and they need to understand the power it holds and not everyone is worthy of having a seat in your VIP (very incomparable Pussy) section.

SE: Would you date a man younger than you? Is there a limit?

Kelly: I’d date a man younger than me.  What’s important is where he is in life. His maturity, values, beliefs, career, what do we have in common and his goals. That is what determines his age limits.

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