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'Gina' Yoni Oil Product Review

Small refresher, yoni is vagina and yoni oil is oil made specifically for the yoni that is not harmful to it. If you would like more details on Yoni please double back and read my first article, if you would like more details on the benefits of yoni oil please double back to the product descriptions, there I give a ton of info.

So now that you have some background let me tell you about this oil that I recently sampled!

SOOOO I get out the shower and I’m reading the directions because I mean who wants to apply anything incorrectly to the MEOW unnecessarily right? So I applied it as instructed and to be as literal as possible it’s the equivalent to how feel after your first bikini wax! You feel super light and smooth plus with this it also has a fresh minty type feeling. I rubbed my oil in and first thing I noticed was that it’s a hell of a moisturizer for the ‘purse’ handles after just getting out the shower! So you know I’m walking around shaking my stuff lol but anyways back to it, another thing I noticed was the smell of the oil is potent but no worries when you wash off as instructed it washes away with it and you’re literally left smelling like the oh so coveted water smell! Now to be clear it does NOT take away funk. It is not interchangeable with soap. The biggest difference I noticed in the days to follow was that I didn’t have to apply any more oil for days! I could go the entire day and not feel that I had to hop in the shower immediately after getting home. I also worked out during those days and after a normal shower I went back to water! You know that moment before you decide to initiate sex where you go in the restroom and make sure all systems are ago? Well all systems are always ago with this stuff! We can all be honest and say that even the cleanest of vaginas still smell like vagina! So men, do yourself a flavor (see what I did there) and grab your girl a bottle because the last distinguishing thing about Gina’s yoni oil is that a 2oz supply can last you 6 months if you apply it once a week!!! You just can’t beat that.

**Week Two Update**

I’ve noticed that the dynamic of my yoni has actually changed, even at my worst such as first thing in the am or after a workout I still smell much fresher. Sorry if that’s too much info BUT you know there’s no such thing here at SE.

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