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To teach, encourage and promote the sexual extensions of ourselves, which we think is a fantasy. With the correct knowledge, passion and partner there is no reason that everyone cannot have the sex life that they truly desire. To create a place to discuss the intimates of sex. Let’s be frank, we’re all grown. We speak everything into existence over our lives EXCEPT for sex. Sexual Essentials is here to educate and stimulate your sexual desires into fruition. The goal is to become comfortable with sexuality, not just portions of it, but all of it because no one has ever desired to have subpar sex. #SorryButNotSorry


Sexual Essentials LLC is here as an advocate for you. We are here to increase the knowledge, pleasure and desire for amazing sexual experiences. This means more than ‘we just want to get you laid more’. It means we are here to promote the acceptance and discussion of healthy sexual appetites. We offer nonjudgmental guidance to help our readers take control of their sex lives, instead of merely watching it go by. Our goal is to increase pleasure, passion and the will to stop letting sex be the taboo and elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss. Sexual Essentials LLC is a safe space for you to become the sexual being you’ve always wanted to be; because if you don’t discuss it, how can you really be in control of it. 

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