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Hello friends, I am Samia a graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University otherwise known as FAMU originally from the beautiful city of St. Louis, Missouri.


My life is pretty normal, I'm living out the last of my 20's and love to travel and like most people have an amazing orgasm or 12 on a weekly basis. Now why in the hell does a 20 something woman think that she should create a sex company, and help save the free sex world? I have a passion for educating others about sexuality; I have some knowledge and the fact that I’m not shy. So if I can help a few people have a sex life that includes longer orgasms, some new toys added to their goodie closet that could have you questioning sex as you know it and help people feel freer to discuss bodily activities such as sex, then that is simply my choice. Life of an Aries woman I guess.



I hope that as you visit my ‘baby’ that you do so with an open mind and an open heart. No one is here to judge, we should all be here to promote eliminating sex as the constant elephant in the room. The world needs sex so it might as well be good as hell right? Cool. Please enjoy yourself in this sacred place that I have created, and please don’t hesitate to send a LOVING note or any suggestions or requests to me at JustAsk@sexualessentials1.com


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